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The laser safely destroys the hair follicles

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We use the most advanced
Cynosure Elite Laser Unit

Le Cachet Day Spa and Laser Center 519, 8 AVENUE,NEW YORK, N.Y. 10018 BETWEEN 35-36 ST. "LUXE DEN" Telephone: 212-448-9823 Hours of Operations: Seven Days, from 11AM-8PM

Permanent Hair Removal New York City,


Laser Hair Removal NYC,

Laser hair removal discounts of the month.

Please Note: This offer is for first time treatment only, expires: January 29, 2014

Permanent hair removal nyc
Permanent Laser Hair Removal NYC

Permanent Hair Removal NYC,
Laser hair removal, using one of he most advanced FDA approved laser units,with extremely high results.
A new generation in hair removal systems, using the unique two in one laser system at Le Cachet Spa, enables hair removal, from virtually every part of the body safely, quickly and efficiently.
A series of several treatments is all it takes for the removal of excess and unwanted hair, and the great feeling accompanied by it.
Thanks to the unique technology and very large spot size, each treatment is safe, simple and quick, with virtually no side effects or discomfort. No stubble, no burn, no pain.... Just skin that remains touchable smooth and supple.Hair becomes History.

Permanent hair rremoval NYC

Special Limited Offer !!!! Please Note: must bring print out of these offers.

Laser Hair Removal for Women.

Laser Bikini hair removal,plus
Free lip or chin.
-------------------------$125.00 Regular price:$250.00

Half leg,plus
Free Under Arm.
------------------------$175.00Regular price:$350.00

Brazilian Bikini,plus
Free Lip or Chin.
------------------------$145.00 Regular price $350.00

Side of the Face,Lip or Chin,
plus Free Under Arm.
------------------------$100.00 Regular price $300.00

Laser Hair Removal for Men.

Upper shoulders,plus
Free buttocks.
------------------------$250.00 Regular price $400.00

Chest plus,
Free front upper shoulders.
------------------------$300.00 Regular price $550.00

Back plus,
Free upper shoulders.
------------------------$300.00 Regular price $600.00

Back plus,
Free buttocks.
------------------------$300.00 Regular price $550.00

Please inquire about our SPECIAL price brake package info.

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Permanent Hair Removal